Kate's Mysterious Monthly Musical Parcel

I would like to send you things. I would like to send you all/any of the songs I'm writing. I would also like to send you covers. And videos. I want to send stuff to your house. And I want to do private live shows of the songs I've written/covers I've done - maybe throw in some oldies too for good measure. I want to do all of this.

All of this for £1 a month.

So... here is a beautiful subscribe button. It will ask you for £1 each month and it will go DIRECTLY towards helping me pay my rent and to putting food in my mouth. That's literally it. I have no other income whatsoever.

To pay £1 per month, click THIS subscribe button:

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See... I am desperate to give my all to Meadowlark and know that I won't be able to do that without your help. This is my dream and I am dying to fulfil it but I need help. (I totally understand if this is a bit far-fetched - but my brain had this idea and hasn't been able to simmer down since.)


So. Let me give you some context.

I'm about to be as honest as they come right now...

7 years ago now, I started uploading YouTube videos. I sang/played covers of some of my favourite songs and unbeknown to me, I started building a little fan base. My subscribers grew and grew and with that came my confidence. I then began writing my own songs and uploading those too. People liked them! People actually really liked them. It blew my mind. I started gigging up and down the country and before I know it, I was quitting my Theatre & Performance course at Plymouth University to focus on music full-time. It was a total dream. I had somehow acquired an awesome manager and, thanks to many awesome people that voted for me for days-on-end, I'd won a competition called 1Click2Fame. The prize was £100,000! It came to light that it was a 360 degree sponsorship deal and the money would be distributed to me/my career as and when it was needed. We came up with an album budget/plan, and I was to get £6000 throughout one year to live off.

Everything was going really well - I was being sent all over the world to write with different producers and songwriters; 1Click were keeping me afloat living-wise by giving me £500 every month, and eventually, I worked myself up to releasing my first ever 'mini-album', also known as Replaced. I released Replaced in September 2011. I never really had a grand plan. I assumed that if I needed money to live off, that would be provided for me from the £100,000 I 'won'... but that wasn't the case. Shortly after Replaced was released, the company who owned 1Click went into administration and I never saw anything else from that money. But I had managed to live free of money worry for 1 year - which was awesome. I just wish I knew how awesome it was at the time... turns out I massively took it for granted. 

By this time, I was living at home in Plymouth and felt so unmotivated and depressed. I decided to move to Bristol and focus on music there whilst living independently, but that also meant getting a job. I worked in a little sweet shop for a bit until they fired me... and then I found a Christmas temp job going at Debenhams. This year was one of the hardest years of my life. Retail broke me massively, and the only thing that gave me any high was music - but even that wasn't stimulating me anymore. The songs I was writing were lifeless and boring. I wasn't inspired. I wasn't happy. I was on the phone to my friend Ryan one night, and it dawned on me how unhappy I was. I felt like I'd been pigeon-holed into a pop artist without even knowing about it. I wasn't inspired because the songs I thought I HAD to write never aligned with the songs I WANTED to write. And on top of that, I had no desire to sing cover songs anymore. When you put my name in Google, I'm known for my covers of Adele, Mumford & Sons and Katy Perry. That is not what I want to be known for. And yes, it was those covers that brought people to my music and amazingly, those people are still supporters today; for that I will be eternally grateful. But I think there comes a time where you HAVE to stop singing covers, and focus on your own songwriting. So I quit the YouTube thing, and I gave Kate McGill a rest...

I was in limbo for a while. Wasn't really sure whether I was coming or going. My friends Dan and Carl were coming up to Bristol to see The Tallest Man On Earth and dropped by my flat to say hello. I told them how I wasn't happy being a solo artist, and they too shared how they were unhappy in their current rock band. Within a few weeks we were in a rehearsal room writing together. It happened so quickly and so naturally. We came up with the name Meadowlark and everything since that moment has been an absolute dream. Within our first year of being a band, we had supported Bastille, Elvis Costello, Stornoway, Gabrielle Aplin and Lewis Watson. It was mental. I was, and still am, SO sure that Meadowlark is my future - and I feel inspired and happy again.

However, and this is where my vulnerability could take a fucking huge hit... I recently watched a TED talk by Amanda Palmer where she talks about the art of asking, and it sparked something in me. So here I am awkwardly and vulnerably asking for your help... see, I cannot afford to focus on Meadowlark without the help of you guys. I really think 2015 is going to be an exciting year Dan and I, and I know we have huge plans for our future. But being available for tours, recording and writing is pretty much impossible when you have a part-time job. So I've come up with this grand plan. £1 a month from any of you guys would help me live and fulfil my dream. I would be forever in your debt.

So thank you for reading all of this this - and thank you for helping me out if you've chosen to. I love you beyond words. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

kate xx